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With SSP’s online payment solutions, you can simplify  clients’ buying journeys and simultaneously increase your turnover! SSP develops digital payment solutions allowing you to sell in store, remotely, and online, and in an ergonomic and secure environment.

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Solutions de paiement en ligne & omnicanal

Find out more about SSP’s online and in-store payment solutions

The in-store or remote payment solution

DPA is an omni-channel and multi-purpose payment method collection platform, accessible from a SaaS model interface or by using API integration. Unique on the market and using a secure payment link, DPA allows your customers to pay for their purchases using different methods and means of payment.

A unique SEPA payment method on the market

SAFEDEBIT is a SEPA payment solution which manages two direct action methods on a bank account: payment by transfer initiation and guaranteed direct debit. A real alternative to the traditional bank card, you can offer customers an array of different payment methods: payment in full, instalments, deferred payments, recurring payments, security deposits, and trade credit.

A solution for cheque security and guarantee

With CHEQUESERVICE, you can secure your turnover and improve your WCR (working capital requirement) by protecting yourself from outstanding arrears. Your customers can pay for their purchases either in full, in instalments or by means of deferred payment. Your payments by cheque are secured thanks to our risk management expertise. In the event of agreement and the return of unpaid cheques, you will be compensated.

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The avantages of SSP payment solutions

You improve your acceptance rate by


In the event of failure, the “Retry” feature allows payments to be taken using another method.


You reduce the abandonment
rate by

– 45%

Simply add to the basket and they’re paid for. With One Clic payment, SAFEDEBIT offers a unique payment experience.


Increase the average order value of customers by


Customers will be offered flexibility with a choice of different payment methods.

Services across the entire payment value chain

Through its SSPCollect services, SSP offers you a financial mediation approach to help recover outstanding arrears.

From sales reminders on your behalf, to legal recovery procedures related to SSP’s innovative means of payment, you can speed up the payment of your invoices and reduce your DSO (Days sales outstanding).

For more information on our collection services, click here SSPCollect.

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SSP also means easily downloadable APIs

SSP provides innovative solutions to respond to changes in the subscription and payment journey of end customers, both in-store, remotely, and online.

Choosing SSP APIs means choosing an international payment solution which guarantees transaction security and complete peace of mind for your customers.


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Why choose SSP?


  • 30 years’ experience in securing payments.
  • 14,000 customers have put their trust in us.
  • 13 billion euros secured.
  • 18 million transactions processed.


At the heart of its strategy, SSP focuses on being able to offer innovative solutions for new and emerging requirements. Our technologies make it possible to address opportunities which will help improve the purchasing process for your customers.


A human-scale organisation which takes pride in being able to adapt and respond appropriately to your specific needs.


SSP is a payment institution approved by the ACPR (the French regulatory authority), and acts in accordance with all current regulations in force (in particular, PSD2-Payment Services Directive 2).