Streamline your payments with wallets!

Wallets are digital and contain an electronic version of your means of payment. This payment system allows you to pay for items/services by a simple self-authentication process, without the need to enter your credit card information directly.

Integrating wallets (e.g., Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay) into DPA will allow you to streamline your payment journey.

moyens de paiement

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Regrouper moyens de paiement en Wallets
Paiement par empreinte digitale


Your customers can pay with their digital fingerprint

Your customers can now pay anywhere online using their fingerprint. Nothing changes for you. As usual, you will receive all your required payment, delivery, and contact information to collect payment for the goods, subscriptions, and other merchandise you sell.

What are the advantages of Wallets?

  • Beyond the simplified dematerialisation service, the added value of the wallet lies in its customisation and the possibility of updating the content of cards, as well as the ability to send push notifications. These make it possible to stand out from other traditional mobile phone channels by meeting the content personalisation needs expressed by paying customers.
  • The wallet is an accessible, efficient, and revenue-generating tool. Brands that have already deployed the wallet in their strategy observe an average 7% increase in the frequency of purchases and average basket content.
  • Wallets rely on security features built into the hardware and software of your POS systems. These help to protect your transactions. In addition, to use wallets, a strong means of identification (fingerprint, facial recognition) must be configured on your customer’s smartphone.
prélèvement en point de vente


How does it work in stores?

  1. The customer goes to the store checkout to pay for their items.
  2. The merchant connects to their DPA interface
  3. They choose the means and methods they wants to offer their customer.
  4. The client clicks on the payment link received by SMS.
  5. The customer chooses the wallet they wish to use to finalise the transaction.


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