Solutions de paiement secteur Voyage

Payment solutions for the Travel and Leisure sector

With SSP omnichannel payment solutions, avoid payment refusals when taking customer bookings! In your sector, the average amount of transactions is often quite high, so there are real issues when it comes to transaction costs and acceptance rates.

Many refusals are linked to your customers’ credit card limits, so you need to think about adopting all existing payment methods on the market, i.e., cheques, credit cards or bank account payments (transfers, direct debits, or drafts).


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Solutions de paiement secteur Voyage


Some of your customers may want to pay immediately while others will prefer to benefit from payment facilities: paying in instalments or by deferred payments on days 30, 45 or 60. With SSP online payment solutions you take into account your customer’s purchasing power.

You can also initiate a transfer, which allows you to obtain a payment without asking your customer for credit card information over the phone, it’s easier than sending a payment link. Fast payment offered by SSP makes it possible to immediately block flights or services sold to the customer.



A multi-channel payment solution that secures cheque payment acceptance.


Sécurisation paiements


Securing your transactions to fight against fraud.

Garantie des paiements


A guarantee that covers your transactions in the event of non-payment and offers compensation.

Recouvrement des impayés


Outsourcing the processing of unpaid cheques via direct banking.

Chèque Service, solution de sécurisation de vos chèques

What are the advantages?

  • In a travel agency, you can safely receive payment from customers by cheque; you secure your chain of intermediaries. In the event of non-payment, you are covered vis-à-vis your service providers and avoid a dead loss.
  • Cheque payments respond well to the problem of high payment amounts in the travel sector.


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Safedebit, solution de paiement SEPA


As the first bank account payment solution on the market, SAFEDEBIT allows you to securely collect transactions by bank account in a completely digital environment.

2 main payment methods with high added value:

What are the advantages?


  • If you are a travel agent, avoid the problem of credit card limits thanks to the initiated transfer: for a last-minute flight worth a significant amount, your customer can instantly settle their transaction at the airline counter. On the other hand, faced with the high cost of credit card commission, payment by initiated transfer represents an excellent alternative.
  • If you are a tour operator, you can collect customer instalments by initiated transfer and the balance by guaranteed direct debit (you are compensated by SSP in the event of non-payment).
  • If you are a reservation platform, you can offer your professional agency customers flexible, split, and secure payments.


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SSP DPA paiement en plusiseurs fois

DPA (Dynamic Payments Acceptance)

The DPA omnichannel payment platform gives your customer the option of paying now, in instalments, or at a later date. Your customer can also choose their payment method: Credit card, SAFEDEBIT or Cheque. With a dedicated Back-Office feature, you can manage your operations and have a consolidated view of recorded payments (Dashboard, payment account Access, etc.).


What are the advantages?

  • If you are a physical travel agency, you can offer a wide range of payment methods to your customer in order to meet their needs in terms of purchasing power.
  • You can even offer guests the option of paying for their stay 30 days after purchase: buy now, pay later!
  • If you are a hotelier, you can benefit from a cash advance when offering a payment in instalments option, giving your client greater budget flexibility without any associated risks.

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