Integrating an entire or partial SSP solution

Improve your offer with our global payment solution

As a software publisher, you can improve your service offer with a SSP global payment solution.

  • You include and facilitate the management of your payments within your management and enterprise resource planning software (invoicing software, CRM, GAP).
  • Does your software allow you to manage your company and accounting procedures but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to collection? Complete your tools and make them work independently by directly integrating our solution. You’ll no longer need to use an external tool to cash your transactions.

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Intégrer les solutions de paiement SSP
Sécurisez et garantissez votre outil d’encaissement

Secure and guarantee your collection method

Are you struggling with your collection method because it isn’t 100% digitised and does not include a guarantee feature?

  • With our solutions, you can complete your payment value chain with a security block and transaction guarantee, mandate electronic signatures, collection or sending of payment links.


  • We can also offer you personalised security blocks to enhance and improve your collection and recovery systems.
Intégrer les solutions de paiement SSP

Do you want to manage flows and transactions on behalf of third parties?

SSP is a payment institution which can manage monetary flows on behalf of third parties. This approach will allow you to better manage customer relations and make the exchange process much smoother.

  • SSP solutions have been designed to be easily integrated and customisable according to your needs.
  • Our teams are committed to providing dedicated and continuous support to our integrator partners.