CHEQUE SERVICE: secure and guaranteed cheque payments

For 30 years, SSP has been providing merchants with secure, real-time cheque payment facilities in stores. The guarantee is our brand signature: in the event of non-payment, you will be reimbursed in full; we manage the debt and take care of collection procedures!





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Increase your customers’ average purchase amount using cheques


On average, we witness a 20% increase in turnover for stores offering a cheque payment facility!

With CHEQUE SERVICE, 3 cheque payment methods can be offered to your customers: whatever the option chosen, we guarantee payment!

Payer maintenant

Immediate payment

Instantaneous cashing of cheques

Payer en plusieurs fois

Cheque instalment payments

Cheque payment with 3 instalments; cheques cashed on days 30, 60, and 90.

Paiement en différé

Deferred payment by cheque

Cheque cashed on day 30.

Benefit from an easy-to-use management tool for your cheques

With CHEQUE SERVICE, cheque guarantee becomes simpler and the cheque processing process smoother. Moreover, it is 100% digitalised. The tool allows you to receive instantaneous approval or refusal by simply passing the cheque through a reader.

If you are not equipped with a cheque reader, we will provide you with the Check OnLine application.

A smooth payment journey!

  1. The customer goes to the store checkout to pay for their purchases and chooses to pay by cheque.
  2. The merchant verifies the cheque at the checkout using the reader.
  3. The system instantly scores it, and it is either approved or rejected.
  4. In some special instances, the merchant is put in touch with our call centre to receive final approval or rejection. This helps to improve your acceptance rate.
  5. In the event of non-payment, SSP reimburses you the full amount within 35 days, takes on the debt and deals with the collection process.

The advantages of our cheque payment solution

Reduce bank cheque fraud

A solution which even outsmarts fraudsters! CHEQUE SERVICE is a payment solution that uses artificial intelligence. This can detect and block fraud attempts. 97% of fraudulent cheques are blocked!

SECURE +: add-ons to better manage your risks

Fraud box

Fraud box

A bank cheque verification tool to detect fraudulent cheques automatically. Securing your transactions to fight against fraud.



Receipt of unpaid cheques on D+1 to optimise our scoring process, increase our acceptance rate, and limit fraud.

SMS Secure

SMS Secure

  • Secures guarantee requests via SMS
  • Limits the risk of fraud.

With SSP, you are always well supported

Dashboard SSP

Efficient back-office feature is a back-office feature that ensures optimal monitoring of your activity: collections, rejections, guarantees and detection of fraudulent activity.

Sécurisation des moyens de paiement

Point of sale deterrent signage

SSP provides you with signage which is designed to be displayed at collection points. This aims to deter fraudulent activity.

Accompagnement personnalisé

Personalised support

An SSP manager is always on hand should you require support.

Chèque Service, solution de paiement pour sécuriser vos chèques

Start using CHEQUE SERVICE; in-store cheque payment made easy!

They’ve put their trust in us!


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