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Minimise overdue payments for your services!

You work within the personal and business services sector and need to offer payment solutions. These solutions should allow you to optimise your cash management, reduce and manage outstanding payments, secure your customers’ journey, and offer a smooth and secure experience on your e-commerce platform.


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Solutions de paiement secteur Services

Overdue payments are the reason behind 25% of business bankruptcies

In addition to the financial risk, payment management is still carried out manually and is time-consuming: with tallying, bank reconciliation and customer follow-up requirements, companies can lose up to 1 half-day per week manually entering invoices.

SSP develops digital payment solutions to allow you to quickly collect your online payments by credit card, SEPA direct debit transfer, and transfer initiation.

With SSP, you save time managing your billing and your transactions are fully secure thanks to our payment guarantee.




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This is a cheque guarantee and security solution.


Chèque Service, solution de sécurisation de vos chèques

What are the advantages?

If you rent equipment, for example, you can secure your deposits by cheque.


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Safedebit, solution de paiement SEPA


As the first bank account payment solution on the market, SAFEDEBIT allows you to securely collect transactions by bank account in a completely digital environment.

2 main payment methods with high added value:

What are the advantages?


  • As a service provider, you can easily collect recurring payments. For example, you give your customers the option of automatically paying for their subscription and additional options by direct debit.
  • In the event of payment failures by deduction of contributions or charges for an insurer or lessor, payments can be retried using initiated transfer.
  • You digitise your subscription process by signing an electronic direct debit mandate and secure your deposits by direct debit: the amount of the security deposit is guaranteed.


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SSP DPA paiement en plusiseurs fois

DPA (Dynamic Payments Acceptance)

The DPA omnichannel payment platform gives your customers the option of paying immediately, in instalments, or at a later date. Your customer can also choose their payment method: Credit Card, SAFEDEBIT or Cheque. With a dedicated Back-Office feature, you can manage your operations and have a consolidated view of recorded payments (Dashboard, payment account Access, etc.).

What are the advantages?

  • DPA is an innovative multi-channel payment solution that satisfies all payment requirements: transaction processing, risk management, activity monitoring, financial reconciliation. You benefit from a single contract for all your services.
  • You benefit from multiple payment means to significantly increase your services. These can be activated independently.
  • If you are a home service provider (plumber, fitter, etc.), you can offer your customers different ways to pay once you have completed your work.


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