Digitalise your direct debit payments with SAFEDEBIT

Digitise and guarantee the collection of your payments in complete security.

As a remote or in-store merchant, offering direct debit payment is an opportunity that deserves consideration. This is why we created the SAFEDEBIT solution.

This uncapped payment method makes it possible to pay substantial amounts. In addition, it is also ideal for different payment methods (payments in full, payment by instalments, deferred payments, recurring payments, trade accounts, and security deposits). It optimises long-term relationships between a debtor and seller.

Should a direct debit be rejected, SAFEDEBIT includes a payment guarantee which means the merchant will receive 100% compensation.

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SAFEDEBIT, solution de paiement par prélèvement

What are the stages of SEPA Direct Debit mandate management?

Once these steps are completed, the SEPA direct debit mandate gives you the right to adjust the payment deadlines. This mandate is valid for 36 months after the last operation.

Whatever your remote sales channel, (online or in-store), SAFEDEBIT digitises and facilitates the entire subscription process during direct debit payments. Thanks to our direct debit payment solution, recovery of the IBAN and electronic signature of the direct debit mandate are simplified for the customer.

Paiement en ligne - ordinateur et café

How does online direct debit payment work?

You manage all your payments via our simplified back-office feature. You can benefit from full visibility for each transaction.

  1. The customer goes to the merchant’s site.
  2. After choosing their items, they then proceed to payment.
  3. The customer chooses SAFEDEBIT as their online SEPA payment method.
  4. They then determine if they want to pay now, later, or in instalments.
  5. The customer provides their personal details and IBAN number;
  6. They then receive a 4-digit SMS code to secure their transaction and sign a direct debit mandate.
  7. Payment is validated, secured, and guaranteed.
Paiement en magasin

How does direct debit payment work in shops or remotely?

  1. The customer wishes to pay for their purchases.
  2. The merchant connects to their SAFEDEBIT interface.
  3. They then select the customer’s desired payment method (pay now, later, or in instalments).
  4. They provide the customer’s personal details and IBAN number.
  5. The customer receives a 4-digit code by SMS and communicates it to the merchant as a means of signing the direct debit mandate.
  6. Payment is validated, secured, and guaranteed.

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Garantie des paiements par prélèvement - satisfaction

Direct debit payment guarantee

The “payment guarantee service” option

To help merchants identify fraud during SEPA direct debit payments (IBAN fraud, digital theft, etc.), SSP offers a unique market solution. Our real-time service offers payment and 100% compensation in the event of non-payment.

SAFEDEBIT means you can put aside the complex debt collection management process and focus on your core business.

Thanks to the combination of our fraud detection and scoring systems, which incorporate the latest Big Data and machine learning technologies, you benefit from comprehensive coverage to secure your turnover.

IBAN controls, transactional risk analysis and payer digital profiling are the fundamentals of optimal payment security.


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Security process & guarantee

The implemented solution guarantees direct debits and adheres to the following principles:

  • 100% reimbursement of the value of direct debit rejections,
  • Provision of management tools to supervise the service and the progress of debt collection (Back office, reporting, etc.)
  • Use of collection methods in accordance with the regulations in force,
  • Weekly compensation, 35 days after receipt.


guarantee process for direct debit payments by SAFEDEBIT