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Santigo, solution de paiement digitale secteur santé
Paiement reste à charge par compte bancaire

Santigo allows payment of  outstanding amounts using a bank account

Sécurisation paiement reste à charge

You can secure, facilitate, and optimise the collection of outstanding amounts payable by the patient from the moment of their pre-admission.

Sécurisation encaissement reste à charge

You can secure the collection of outstanding amounts payable by the patient from the moment of their pre-admission.

Paiement reste à charge

Santigo is perfectly designed to adapt to different patient pathways within a healthcare facility.

Solution paiement omnicanal

It represents an omnichannel solution that can be directly integrated into your patient management software or separately using SaaS mode.

Santigo can be used:

Paiement reste à charge en admission

Pre-admission / upon admission


  • The patient receives a SEPA mandate signature link.
  • They then sign their direct debit mandate using their phone.
  • The patient’s account is automatically debited when the Outstanding Amount is calculated.
Paiement reste à charge à la sortie

Upon patient discharge


  • The agent initiates a transfer on behalf of the patient.
  • The patient receives the payment link on their telephone.
  • The patient self-authenticates with their bank and confirms payment.
Paiement reste à charge à distance

Via the accounting department


  • The agent sends a payment link to the patient by SMS.
  • The patient clicks on the payment link and proceeds to payment.

Client case study

Payment problems for Outstanding Arrears

Outstanding arrears equate to 1.4 billion Euros of the 46.8 billion Euros of total services invoiced. One of the major challenges is recovering patient debts. The amount of unrecovered arrears is estimated to be around 550 million Euros per year (one year after the conclusion of the patient’s care). This figure only relates to public hospitals.

As part of the SIMPHONIE (Simplification of the Hospital Administrative Pathway and Digitisation of Information Exchange) DIAPASON (Resulting Debts After the Care Pathway) programme, and in order to improve and modernise the collection of outstanding debts to be borne by patients, the CAIH (Hospital IT Purchasing Centre) has launched a call for tenders. The purpose of this programme is to provide healthcare establishments with a payment solution, allowing them to automatically debit the patient’s outstanding balance as soon as the third-party invoice is billable.

This programme aims to simplify the patient’s hospital administrative journey and to optimise reception, invoicing, and collection chain performance for healthcare establishments (across all domains).

SSP solution

The SSP Santiago solution was chosen because it perfectly met the challenges and patient pathways experienced within a hospital environment.

Santigo, solution de paiement digitale secteur santé

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