Solutions de paiement secteur BtoB

Secure your cash flow!

Excessively long payment terms, high payment failure rates, laborious and time-consuming processes, unsecured data… Whether you’re a distributor of building materials, a company specialising in planning, a stakeholder in the energy or structural work sector… Payment often represents a source of complication for your cash flow.

With SSP, there are payment solutions adapted to BtoB!


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Solutions de paiement secteur BtoB

Choose dematerialised payment solutions

SSP offers digital payment solutions that are guaranteed, secured, and adapted to the often-high shopping basket spend experienced by BtoB companies.

Few companies use credit cards as a means of payment. Therefore, it is paramount for your business to offer an alternative with a multi-channel payment solution to meet the expectations of your customers, particularly in terms of payment facilities (deferred payment, instalments, 30-day trade credit). Indeed, your customers often need a delay between the time an order is placed and subsequent payment.




This is a payment solution that secures cheque payment acceptance.


Sécurisation paiements


Securing your transactions to fight against fraud.

Garantie des paiements


A guarantee that covers your transactions in the event of non-payment and offers compensation.

Recouvrement des impayés


Outsourcing the processing of unpaid cheques via direct banking.

Chèque Service, solution de sécurisation de vos chèques

What are the advantages?

  • CHEQUE SERVICE guarantees payments in instalments. You benefit from being able to offer your clients more flexibility and take less risk by staggering their expenditure according to their budget.
  • You retain your reliable paying customers by managing and guaranteeing outstanding amounts by cheque. Our scoring takes into account the notion of regular customers, which we refer to as “account” customers. CHEQUE SERVICE covers you in the event of non-payment.
  • You enhance your turnover: a submitted cheque can be guaranteed by CHEQUE SERVICE for an estimated sales amount. Your customer can come to collect the goods or services at their convenience, and you no longer need to worry about anything. You offer significant payment convenience to your customers.


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Safedebit, solution de paiement SEPA


As the first bank account payment solution on the market, SAFEDEBIT allows you to securely collect transactions by bank account in a completely digital environment.

Two principal payment methods:

What are the advantages?


  • Thanks to SAFEBEDITPRO, you offer your professional customers the option of paying substantial amounts at a point of sale or remotely, while simultaneously benefiting from a cash advance.
  • Your customer receives the payment request by email or via a link on their invoice and all they have to do is accept.
  • You digitise your guaranteed request process and “trade account management” without any credit risk. This eliminates your need for payment deadlines.
  • You engage and retain your customers through a loyalty card attached to SAFEDEBIT.


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SSP DPA paiement en plusiseurs fois

DPA (Dynamic Payments Acceptance)

The DPA omnichannel payment platform gives your customer the option of paying in full, in instalments, or at a later date. Your customer can also choose their payment method: Credit card, SAFEDEBIT or Cheque. With a dedicated Back-Office feature, you can manage your operations and have a consolidated view of recorded payments (Dashboard, payment account access, etc.).


What are the advantages?

  • You improve your collection rates and simplify payment for your professional customers.
  • You simplify your recovery procedures for your debtor customers.
  • You offer payment methods called Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) which consist of collecting payment for sales at the time of delivery.


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