‘Buy now, pay later’ for B2Bs, with cash advance

The BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) offer, a short-term B2B financing solution SAFEDEBIT from SSP.

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SSP is launching SAFEDEBITPro which allows you to offer your business customers the option to make purchases and pay for them at a later date or in instalments. You receive a cash advance to optimise and secure your cash flow.

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Intégrer les solutions de paiement SSP

Offer the option of paying in instalments or by deferred payment

Paiement en différé

Deferred payment

(with payment link)

  • 30 days
  • 60 days


paiement en 3 fois btob

Payment in 3 instalments

(by direct debit)

  • 1st payment on day 30
  • 2nd payment on day 60
  • 3rd payment on day 90


paiement en 4 fois b2b

Payment in 4 instalments

(by transfer or direct debit)

  • 1st payment on day 1
  • 2nd payment on day 30
  • 3rd payment on day 60
  • 4th payment on day 90
avance de fonds

Receive a cash advance


  • You receive the money within 7 days of the transaction.
  • Cash flow worries become a thing of the past.
  • In the event of non-payment, SSP takes care of the collection process.


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100% digital subscription

Payer maintenant


Payment on Day 7

Sécurisation des transactions


You no longer need to worry about managing unpaid bills

How does our B2B payment solution work?

Thanks to an entirely dematerialised and autonomous solution, SafedebitPro allows you to facilitate business payments for your professional customers.

  1. The merchant fills in customer information and uploads the invoice to the back-office;
  2. They then send a payment link by SMS or email;
  3. SSP instantly validates the funding request;
  4. The customer clicks on the payment link, chooses the payment in instalments option, and validates;
  5. On D+7, the merchant receives the cash advance;
  6. Once the payment is due, the customer is debited.
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A fast, omnichannel solution with a smooth and simple journey


  • Solution available in SaaS mode
  • Financed invoice up to €50,000
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Simplified accounting lettering
  • No file, an immediate response


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Why offer BNPL as a payment option for businesses?


The more payment methods and facilities you offer, the more likely you are to convert your customers.


All your customers are eligible for applying for credit

  • The eligibility of your customers will allow you to increase your acceptance rate.
  • Credit validation is based on transaction scoring.


An increase in average purchases means an increase in turnover

As with BtoC transactions, offering your BtoB customers different payment methods often encourages them to spend more and therefore increase their average basket spend.

Spreading out expenses makes customers more inclined to add items to their basket without, for example, being restricted by cash flow issues.

Optimise your cash flow

  • Receive money within 7 days to optimise your cash flow.
  • A completely digitised process



Attract new customers and retain existing customers

Offering payment facilities to your new or existing customers improves business relationships.

The client benefiting from the offer feels listened to and considered.


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