An Online and 100% digitalised payment solution

DPA is a digital and omnichannel payment platform which offers a pre-integrated and secure payment gateway. Whether your customers are ordering online, remotely or in store, let them enjoy a smooth and secure shopping experience.

In store, your customers receive a payment link that allows them to pay for their purchases using their smartphone. Online, customers are directed directly to DPA when they are ready to pay.

The customer then chooses their preferred payment method (pay now, in instalments or at a later date) before selecting their payment means (credit card, instant transfer, direct debit or wallet).

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Increase your customers’ average
purchase amount

Payment facilities allow your customers to buy more. DPA offers a disruptive payment approach with one entry per payment method.  On average, a 20% increase in turnover is observed when customers are given the option of deferred payment or payment in instalments!


Increase your
payment acceptance rate

If a transaction fails with an initial payment method, DPA uses machine learning to retry declined payments with another method (in real time). This increases the likelihood of acceptance.


SSP DPA paiement comptant


  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment by bank account: Transfer / Instant transfer
  • Payment by cheque
  • Wallet



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Moyens de paiement

SSP DPA paiement en plusiseurs fois


You benefit from a cash advance and receive outstanding amounts before the due date.

As for your clients, they benefit from payment facilities.

Payment in instalments

Payment in instalments



Bank account payment solution:

  • Cash advance: In 2, 3, or 4 direct debit payments: BtoB
  • Guarantee only: In 2, 3, or 4 direct debit payments: BtoB/BtoC



Credit card payment solution:

  • Cash advance: In 2, 3, or 4 credit card payments: BtoC


SSP DPA paiement en plusiseurs fois

All deferred payments are guaranteed by SSP

Offer a “buy now, pay later” option to your customers by giving them the opportunity to acquire a good and pay for it at a later date.


  • Account-to-account solution:
  • Guarantee only: deferred payment by direct debit: BtoB / BtoC.
  • Cash advance: deferred payment by direct debit: BtoB



Use the « Retry » feature to manage failed payments


Depending on the reason for refusal, DPA makes it possible to manage transaction failures, both for bank cards and transfers/instant transfers.

When a payment fails, the payment platform offers the possibility to retry the transaction using a different payment method. This way, you save your client from headaches and having to start all over again!

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DPA : the only payment platform with an integrated bank account payment solution


In addition to traditional means of payment (credit card, cheque, wallet), the platform directly integrates payments by bank account (transfers or direct debits) with immediate acceptance.

Discover payment by bank account using SAFEDEBIT

The payment solution by guaranteed direct debit, transfer, and instant transfer. Say goodbye to credit card ceiling limits. Paying by bank account can be used for payments up to €100,000. The transfer or direct debit is visible on your account within 24 hours, and within 10 seconds for instant payments. The end of unpaid bills and a drastic reduction in payment delays.

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