Do you offer the option of paying in instalments?

Payment in instalments consists of offering customers the option to spread out their payment over 3 or 4 instalments (free of charge), over several months. This can be to cover substantial purchases or to spread out expenditure. They pay the first monthly instalment on the same day, and subsequent payments will be automatically debited for the next few months (on the same date).

It is also often referred to as split payments or ‘buy now pay later’.

In partnership with Oney, SSP is delighted to offer you a split payment solution with cash advance. While your customer pays in instalments, you receive the full amount up front from the very first payment. SSP offers secure payment solutions (with guarantees) to ensure payment collection. Oney takes care of setting up completely digital credit solutions.

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72% of customers feel more inclined to make purchases when a split payment service is offered

Why offer a free ‘payment in 3 or 4 instalments’ option?

Whether online or in store, offering a free ‘payment in 3 or 4 instalments’ option is an opportunity to boost your sales, reduce shopping basket abandonment rates, secure your cash flow, and protect you against unpaid bills.

Thanks to split payments, the customer is more inclined to buy since they will be able to spread payment over several months. As a merchant, you receive a cash advance, which means there is no negative impact on your cash flow.

avantages paiements plusieurs fois clients

Advantages for customers

  • Instant payment: an immediate response, no file processing required
  • Short-term financing option
  • Simple and fast subscription process: no supporting evidence required, accessible with a bank card and smartphone.
  • One-click reuse with the Oney account
avantages paiements plusieurs fois

Seller Benefits

  • Secured cashflow: Full amount paid by SSP within 4 days
  • Protection guarantee against fraud and the risk of non-payment: we bear 100% of the non-payment risk
  • Increase in turnover: +10 to 20% increase in the average basket purchase spend
  • Save time: The customer is completely autonomous when making payment

How does free credit card payment in 3/4 instalments actually work?


Merchant journey

  1. Enter the customer’s details in our DPA solution;
  2. Send payment link by SMS.

Customer journey (B2C)

  1. Click on the link and choose the ‘credit card payment in 3/4 instalments’ option;
  2. Enter contact details on the Oney online form;
  3. Validate 3D secure in its banking environment;
  4. Validation of the request by Oney;
  5. Receipt of a repayment schedule by email (on the day of purchase).

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For B2B – Payment in instalments with cash advance

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In order to offer your BtoB customers a simple way to pay their invoices, we have created the SAFEDEBIT PRO solution. This solution allows you to offer the option of deferred payment or payment in instalments.

You secure your cash flow by offering payment facilities to your professional customers.

This B2B payment solution helps simplify your customers’ buying journey and boost your sales.

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