Timely bank transfer payment with SAFEDEBIT

The most secure payment method on the market!

SAFEDEBIT offers you a simple, fast, and secure bank transfer payment solution. The transfer or instant transfer is launched using a payment initiation which makes it possible to obtain funds within a maximum of ten seconds (in the case of instant transfers) or on D+1 for a standard transfer.

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What are the advantages of bank transfer payments?

  • Payment by bank transfer is irreversible: the transaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • Refund Management: You have the flexibility to reimburse your customers easily, and at any time.
  • A strong and viable alternative to the credit card for instant purchases, without payment ceilings and cancellations.
  • The payer simply selects their bank to make the purchase and authenticates the transaction in a completely secure manner.
  • Up to 80% reduction in your credit card transaction costs.
  • Funds held for amounts up to €100,000 between 10 seconds and 24 hours
  • Goodbye payment deadlines and unpaid bills!


Paiement compte bancaire Safedebit

How does payment by online transfer work?

  1. The customer goes to the merchant’s site;
  2. After choosing their items, they then proceed to payment;
  3. The customer chooses SAFEDEBIT as the payment solution;
  4. They choose to pay in full ;
  5. The customer chooses their bank;
  6. They are then redirected to their banking interface;
  7. They self-authenticate and validate their payment by transfer.

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Paiement en ligne

How does payment by online transfer work in shops or remotely?

  1. The customer wishes to pay for their purchases;
  2. The merchant connects to their SAFEDEBIT interface;
  3. The merchant selects bank transfer as the payment method chosen by their customer;
  4. The merchant provides the customer’s personal details and bank;
  5. It then initiates the payment by sending a payment link..
  6. The customer clicks on the link and is redirected to their banking interface;
  7. They self-authenticate and validate their payment by transfer.

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Paiement par virement 100% garanti


Guarantee 100% of your payments

The transfer is irreversible, and payment is 100% guaranteed. This means of payment is currently capped at €100,000 per transaction.

SSP’s technology allows a merchant identified as the payee to set up a transfer initiation. This action connects the payer with their bank so that they can validate a payment by transfer or instant transfer.

This process must have the consent of the payer and be validated using the strong authentication method imposed by their bank. As soon as the payer validates the transaction, SSP is then responsible for sending information back to the merchant. This information will contain the order or basket reference number, the amount, the return code, the date of the transaction, etc.

This information will allow the merchant to reconcile the transaction. It will also be available on the dedicated back-office feature made available by SSP.


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Transfer initiation

How to use SAFEDEBIT ?

Different integration approaches are offered to you with personalised support from our teams of experts:

  • SaaS mode: through a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.
  • SDK mode for API integration: within your invoicing system, CRM, ERP…
  • CMS mode: by downloading our plugins.