To increase your turnover and guarantee collection, offering several means of payment is key.

Score & Secure Payment is delighted to be able to introduce a solution for professionals, allowing them to set up 100% dematerialised payment facilities.

Why offer multiple payment methods?

While the credit card may generally be the first payment means of choice, there are still more effective alternatives in line with your customers’ new consumption habits. Therefore, by equipping yourself with several payment methods, you meet the needs of customers looking for new payment methods and facilities.


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Find out more about DPA: An all-in-one solution for your remote or in-store payments

With DPA, SSP’s unique payment service platform, simplify and digitise your collections.

Thanks to DPA, you can:

  • send payment links,
  • offer different methods of payment,
  • offer different means of payment,
  • get paid in-store and remotely.


DPA allows you to:

  • protect against payment failures,
  • guarantee your payments,
  • offer financing,
  • increase your acceptance rate,
  • boost your turnover.

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Garantie des paiements par prélèvement - satisfaction

Direct debit payment guarantee – satisfaction

A simplified and digitised customer journey thanks to the payment link which allows a one-click purchasing process!

Payment journey:

  1. You send a payment link to your customer by SMS or email.
  2. Using their phone, the customer chooses their payment method (pay now, later, or in instalments).
  3. They then choose their means of payment and are redirected to their banking application to make a completely secure payment from their computer or phone.
  4. In the event of payment failure, DPA activates the RETRY mode and offers another means of payment.
  5. You can view the transaction status in real time.

Methods of payment: in full, by deferred payments, or in instalments

Give your customer the choice to pay in full, in 30 days, or in several monthly instalments. Ease of payment is becoming increasingly popular with the: “Buy now, pay later” model.

Payment initiation

Sending a link to trigger the payment by transfer without having to send your bank account number. The transfer is irrevocable, there is no credit card limit.

Direct debit

Offer payment in installments and deferred payment with guaranteed direct debit up to 90 days. The direct debit process is completely digitalized with the signature of an Emandat.

Our real-time service offers payment and 100% compensation in the event of non-payment.

Recurring direct debit

Create flexible payment schedules to suit your business.


Chèque Service, solution de paiement pour sécuriser vos chèques

Secure payment by check in real time thanks to scoring 3.0 which uses big data and machine learning to identify the risk of fraud and maximize the acceptance rate.  With the guarantee in case of non-payment you are reimbursed at 100%.

Moyens de paiement

DPA accepts VISA, CB, Mastercard and AMEX.

Offer instalment payment by credit card in (with cash advance) for your B2C customers.

Dashboard SSP

Manage all your transactions in one place

  • Payment flow monitoring, a single back office for all your transactions.
  • Offer your customers an optimal payment experience.
  • DPA is available in SAAS, API and CMS mode.


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What our clients have to say !

“Since 2017, Score & Secure Payment has made it possible to digitise the payment process with outstanding management at Bricoman. The SAFEDEBIT solution offers an ergonomic and easy-to-use digital service. This payment solution manages all stages of the customer journey, from the process of entering into a business relationship and collecting identity documents, to entering bank details and generating/issuing e-mandates.

SAFEDEBIT allowed us to carry out this project in a short space of time while staying true to our needs. For sales advisers, there is no longer any need to resort to administrative documents and checks, the entire customer journey is digitised and secure! In the event of non-payment or fraud on the part of the customer, Bricoman is guaranteed to be credited with the amount of the sum in question. SSP has brought us its recognised expertise and helped simplify and automate client risk assessment.”

Pascal Vanovertveld, Financial Controller, Bricoman France

“With the B2C financing offer, I build loyalty with my customers who can now enjoy buying their trips without it affecting my cash flow. I can book tickets with the airline as soon as the file is confirmed and without running the risk of non-payment.”

Taner Kotan, Manager, Kotan Voyage

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