Solutions de paiement en ligne ou en magasin pour les commerçants

Online and in-store payment solutions for merchants

Digitalisation is shaking up the retail model.

Nowadays, whatever your sales channel, you need to offer an optimal customer experience and personalised payment solutions that give your customers more flexibility.

Whether you are a merchant or e-merchant, SSP’s multi-channel payment solutions offer the sales sector standard services adapted to your particular needs. Your customers also benefit. SSP adapts to your activity and subsequently becomes your single point of contact across the payment chain.

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This is a multi-channel payment solution that allows you to secure and accept cheque payments with complete peace of mind.


Sécurisation paiements


Securing your transactions to fight against fraud.

Garantie des paiements


A guarantee that covers your transactions in the event of non-payment and offers compensation.

Recouvrement des impayés


Outsourcing the processing of unpaid cheques via direct banking.

Chèque Service, solution de sécurisation de vos chèques

What are the advantages?

  • Your cheque payments are secured and guaranteed in the event of non-payment. Your customers have the possibility of paying in full, by deferred payment or in several instalments. These different payment facilities allow you to increase your turnover.
  • When you join, you receive a kit which include stickers and window stickers. These can be displayed at the store entrance and at the checkouts. This signage, well known to fraudsters, is very dissuasive and limits fraud attempts.
  • The majority of fake cheque are blocked thanks to the SSP scoring system. With CHEQUE SERVICE, you have real-time access to banking prohibitions and judicial interdictions, closed accounts, as well as oppositions to loss or theft. The brand can offer this payment method with complete peace of mind.


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Safedebit, solution de paiement SEPA


As the first multi-channel bank account payment solution on the market, SAFEDEBIT allows you to securely process transactions by bank account in a completely digital environment.

2 payment methods with high added value:

What are the advantages?


  • You digitise your customer journey.
  • With SAFEDEBIT, you can turn your brand loyalty card into a payment card.
  • Your shop-floor staff will have access to tablets in the shopping aisles enabling them to offer their customers the option of paying directly by bank transfer and/or direct debit. This means they can avoid queuing at the checkouts.


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SSP DPA paiement en plusiseurs fois

DPA (Dynamic Payments Acceptance)

The DPA omnichannel payment platform gives your customers the option of paying immediately, in instalments, or at a later date. Your customer has complete control over their chosen method and means of payment: Credit card, SAFEDEBIT, or cheque. With a dedicated Back-Office feature, you can manage your operations and have a consolidated view of recorded payments (Dashboard, payment account access, etc.).


What are the advantages?

  • You increase your in-store acceptance rate by retrying failed payments with another payment method.
  • By offering customers the option of paying in instalments and a wide choice of other payment methods, you significantly increase their average purchase spend
  • You secure your payments by cheque through the digital interface.


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